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Sound Services

Sound systems tailored to each venue by professional engineers will enable your presenters or performers to get their message across. The appropriate use of microphones and speakers is vital to a successful event allowing the audience to understand and follow the presenters or performers.

Delegates respond best to spoken word, what you say goes right back to the office with them. 1640 Theatre Productions make sure every delegate hears all the way to the back of the room, utilising the latest in digital audio technology and speaker design. It doesn’t need to be obtrusively loud, they supply high quality systems to ensure the clarity of your message.

1640 Theatre Productions provide you the with technical production solution. all controlled by their professional technicians and designers, who will bend over backwards to be accommodating and put you at ease.

The 1640 Theatre Productions team also install sound systems and operators at many theatres. With experienced West End staff available to tailor a system to your needs there really isn’t a better crew available to run your production.